Off to a good start

Yesterday’s reading and publication party at Queen Anne Books was a rousing success. Thanks to the many people who came, and thanks to Tegan and the rest of the staff for being such great hosts. I should have pictures soon.

Tomorrow morning I catch the train for Portland, Oregon. I’ll be reading at Powell’s City of Books at 7:30 P.M. Also, this week’s Powell’s newsletter should have an essay I wrote about the origins of Bad Monkeys.

One other piece of good news, we found out over the weekend that Bad Monkeys has already gone to a second printing, so early demand has been higher than Harper expected. (N.B. to collectors, the first edition isn’t sold out, it’s just been fully distributed—most of the copies currently in bookstores should still be firsts, but do check the copyright page for a “FIRST EDITION” notice [directly above the line that says “Designed by Emily Cavett Taff”] to be sure.)

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2 Responses to Off to a good start

  1. John Crowley says:

    Congratulations, fellow worker for the HC complex (I’m Morrow). DO let it go to your head (there’s no reason why not, and the head is sure to have reason to shrink later).

    • Matt Ruff says:

      Congratulations, fellow worker for the HC complex

      Actually, I like to think of myself as one of Rupert’s People… But thanks, I am indeed enjoying it.

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