Avatar, once more with feeling

Lisa and I went to see it again over the weekend with a friend, in 2D this time. We both enjoyed it more this time, Lisa because she didn’t have to fight with her glasses and me because I knew what was coming and could just go with it rather than fighting the story and characters with my own expectations. I’m still not in love, but I am more impressed by what Cameron accomplished, and I definitely think it says something that I still wasn’t bored. The friend we saw the picture with was unreservedly blown away (she declared it this generation’s Star Wars, not really a decision people over forty get to make I think, but still), and Lisa’s parents, who saw it in 3D down where they live, also really loved it.

A few other Avatar links of note:

* Via Research Maven, Chud.com describes “Project 880,” James Cameron’s original script treatment for what became Avatar. This sounds like a picture I really could have loved.

* John Crowley gives his reaction to the film here.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates’ post about the movie (actually, it’s more about the comparison between Avatar and Dances With Wolves) generated an interesting comments thread. (I also thought this post about Crash was hilarious, all the more so because some people didn’t get the joke.)

Lisa and I also finally saw District 9 on DVD. We both really liked it, but I want to listen to the director commentary before I post about it.

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