Not to be used as a flotation device

Lisa and I are big fans of the Jeff Hertzberg/Zoë François line of bread-baking books, and we just got their latest one, which is devoted to pizzas and flatbreads. Over the weekend I decided to try the recipe for “Turkish Pita Boats”:

Turkish Pita Boat

This is a spelt-flour dough shell wrapped around grilled marinated chicken, onions, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, and feta. You grill the filling separately, let it cool a bit, then roll a few ounces of dough into a thin, rough oval, pile filling in the middle, wrap up the sides and pinch the ends, and bake at 500° F for eight minutes. The baked dough is firm enough that you can pick up the whole thing in your hand, like so:


Now that I’ve got the basic proof of concept down, the next step will be trying different fillings (lamb, for sure) and doughs.

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