Lovecraft Country reviewed in the NYT

New York Times Book Review logoLovecraft Country got a brief but positive review in yesterday’s New York Times: “Ruff has great fun pitting mid-20th-¬≠century horror and sci-fi clich√©s against the banal and ever-present bigotry of the era.” Victor LaValle’s similarly themed The Ballad of Black Tom also got a thumbs up: “This darkly witty tale is right in the belly of the genre beast.”

In other news:

* Lovecraft Country made the Locus magazine bestseller list for both May and June.

* I will be attending the Locus Awards in Seattle on the weekend of June 24-26. If you’d like to get a book signed, come by the autograph session at noon on June 25.

* has an article about a recently discovered eyewitness account of the 1921 Tulsa Riot. This autobiography by the author of the account sounds really interesting.

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2 Responses to Lovecraft Country reviewed in the NYT

  1. S.M. Muse says:

    This is an amazing book. Highly recommended. I hope the rest of the world sets up and takes notice. Matt Ruff, you Sir, are an amazing word-slinger! Cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Bad Monkeys down, currently reading Fool on the Hill.

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