And just in time for my birthday…

…the Destroyer of Worlds bound galleys have arrived, and they look amazing!

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13 Responses to And just in time for my birthday…

  1. John Cates says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m excited to read the new book.

  2. Bryan says:

    Can’t wait to read this! Loved Lovecraft Country!

  3. Jamie says:

    Happy Birthday! So funny story. The first picture I saw earlier today was a cat with a party hat on. I totally thought it was your cats birthday.
    It was a short story. Enjoy your special day.

  4. doro says:

    happy birthday!
    can’t wait to experience

  5. Eric Lee Smith says:

    Hi Matt,

    Eric here, from back at SPI.

    I look forward to this new book. I was wondering when and if you’d get to nuclear war.



  6. Christopher Stevens says:

    Happy belated! I’ve been a fan and extolled your virtues (or your books’ virtues, but I’m sure you have some, too) to anyone who would listen since Fool on the Hill, and still re-read them all. Amazing imagination and world-building. Can NOT wait for the new book! Thank you for so many hours and years of thought-provoking entertainment.

    Chris S.

  7. Lavon Youins says:

    Happy Belated!!!
    How do I get my hands on an early copy? I’m near-salivating!

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