Bad Monkeys — publication history

The information below is as accurate and complete as I can make it, but particularly in the case of foreign-language editions it can be difficult to verify such things as exact publication dates. Artworks on this page remain the property of their respective copyright holders; in most cases, this will be the illustrator or photographer who created the image.

Bad Monkeys first editionAmerican editions

First edition special vinyl “hardcover” (pictured at right) published 2007 by HarperCollinsPublishers. Cover design by Will Staehle; book design by Emily Cavett Taff.

• Trade paperback edition published 2008 by Harper Perennial.

• Audiobook published 2008 by Harper Audio. Narrated by Allyson Johnson.

• Ebook published 2009 by HarperCollins.

• Audiobook published 2020 by Harper Audio. Narrated by Gary Tiedemann, Emily Woo Zeller, and Greg Tremblay.

British Bad MonkeysForeign editions

• UK trade paperback published 2007 by Bloomsbury Publishing. Cover illustration by Will Webb.

• UK mass market paperback (pictured at left) published 2008 by Bloomsbury Publishing. Cover illustration by Ronald Kurniawan.

• UK ebook published 2012 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

• Dutch-language trade paperback, retitled Oog om Oog, published 2007 by Contact. Translation by Kees Mollema.

• Italian-language trade paperback published 2007 by Fazi Editore. Translation by Francesco Pacifico.

• French-language trade paperback published 2008 by 10/18. Translation by Laurence Viallet.

• French-language mass market paperback published 2010 by 10/18.

• German-language hardcover published 2008 by Carl Hanser Verlag. Translation by Ditte and Giovanni Bandini.

• German-language audiobook published 2008 by Carl Hanser Verlag. Narrated by Jasmin Tabatabai, Heikko Deutschmann, and Oliver Brod.

• German-language trade paperback published 2009 by Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag.

• Brazilian (Portuguese-language) trade paperback, retitled Macacos Malvados, published 2008 by Companhia das Letras. Translation by Angela Passoa. Cover illustration by Mateus Valadares.

• Polish-language hardcover, retitled Złe małpy, published 2009 by Rebis. Translation by Zbigniew A. Królicki.

• Japanese-language trade paperback (pictured below) published 2009 by Bungei Shunju. Translation by Hiroaki Yokoyama.

Japanese Bad Monkeys