Victor LaValle on the Juggernaut podcast

by Matt Ruff on April 13, 2017

This week’s guest on The Juggernaut podcast is Victor LaValle, author of The Ballad of Black Tom. As a fan of both the podcast and Victor’s work, I’m happy to see these crazy kids get together. (You can listen to my own Juggernaut appearance here.)

Also, a reminder that tonight I will be reading and signing books at Queen Anne Book Company, starting at 7 PM.

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This Thursday, April 13, at 7 PM, I’ll be reading, taking questions, and signing books at Queen Anne Book Company in Seattle. The Seattle Times calls it a “don’t miss author appearance,” and I believe they use science to determine that sort of thing, so if you’re in the neighborhood, come on by and catch my act!

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This Tuesday, March 21, at 7PM, I’ll be appearing at Elliott Bay Book Company with Nisi Shawl. Nisi is the author of Filter House, Writing the Other, and most recently, Everfair, a fantastical alternate history in which the native Congolese and their allies use radium-powered blimps to turn the tables on the forces of King Leopold of Belgium. Basically, Everfair does for steampunk what Lovecraft Country tries to do for cosmic horror—and it’s great.

Nisi and I will be reading short passages from our novels, talking about the ideas behind the stories, taking questions, and signing books. If you’re in the Seattle area I hope you’ll join us.

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Lovecraft Country ebook on sale for $1.99

by Matt Ruff on March 13, 2017

Just a heads up that the American ebook edition of Lovecraft Country is on sale for $1.99, as part of HarperCollins’ monthly “Steals and Deals” promotion:

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The Night Ocean

by Matt Ruff on March 10, 2017

Paul La Farge’s novel The Night Ocean was published this week, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the Los Angeles Review of Books. You can read our conversation here.

The Night Ocean takes its title from a short story co-authored by H.P. Lovecraft and his teenaged fan Robert H. Barlow, whom Lovecraft visited in Florida in the summers of 1934 and ’35. In the novel, a journalist named Charlie Willett tries to get to the truth of Lovecraft and Barlow’s relationshipwere they lovers?and after several reversals of fortune ends up in a mental hospital. Then he apparently commits suicide. Then his wife, Marina, the novel’s narrator, gets emailed a photo of “a stretch of nearly black sand, and, beyond it, an indigo ocean,” that she thinks might be from Charlie. Then things get weird.

This may sound like the outline of the kind of horror story that Lovecraft himself would write, and for the first few chapters of The Night Ocean it seems like La Farge might be going that way. But as I note in the intro to our interview, this is one of those books that’s impossible to categorize, and part of the fun of reading it is never being sure what genre you’re in. Just trust me, it’s an awesome read with some great charactersand as with Lovecraft Country, you don’t need to be a Lovecraft fan to enjoy it.

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As mentioned previously, the folks at Goodreads are giving away 5 copies of the Lovecraft Country paperback. The giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight PST, so if you’re interested and you haven’t entered yet, sign up now.

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Lovecraft Country: the Big Idea

by Matt Ruff on February 17, 2017

I wrote an essay about Lovecraft Country for The Big Idea over at John Scalzi’s Whatever blog. It’s up today, and you can read it here. (And if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can also check out my 2012 Big Idea essay for The Mirage.) Thanks to John for the space!


Last night’s reading at Third Place Books in Seward Park was a lot of fun. If you missed it, your next chance to see me live will be on Tuesday, March 21, at 7 PM, when I’ll be appearing “in conversation” with my friend Nisi Shawl, author of Everfair, at Elliott Bay Book Company.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s Reddit AMA! If you missed it, you can read the questions and answers here.

Tomorrow night, February 16, I’ll be reading from Lovecraft Country, answering audience questions, and signing books at Third Place Books’ Seward Park store, starting at 7:30 PM. I hope to see some of you there.

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Lovecraft Country paperback out today!

by Matt Ruff on February 14, 2017

The Lovecraft Country trade paperback goes on sale today! You can order it through the links on my Lovecraft Country page, or pick it up in person at your favorite local independent bookstore.

If you’d like to order a signed or personally inscribed copy, Secret Garden Bookshop can help. Contact them by phone at 206-789-5006 or via email. They ship anywhere in the country and overseas.

And just a reminder, I’ll be doing an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit today at noon EST. The page will be open an hour ahead of time so you can start leaving questions.

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Ask me anything!

by Matt Ruff on February 14, 2017

To celebrate the publication of the Lovecraft Country trade paperback, I’m doing an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit today. The page is open for your questions now; I’ll start answering at noon EST.

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