Lovecraft Country — publication history

The information below is as accurate and complete as I can make it, but particularly in the case of foreign-language editions it can be difficult to verify such things as exact publication dates. Artworks on this page remain the property of their respective copyright holders; in most cases, this will be the illustrator or photographer who created the image.

American editions

First edition hardcover published 2016 by HarperCollinsPublishers. Cover design and illustration by Jarrod Taylor; book design by Jaime Putorti

• Audiobook published 2016 by Blackstone Audio. Narrated by Kevin Kenerly.

• Trade paperback published 2017 by the Perennial imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

• HBO series tie-in edition published 2020 by the Perennial imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

Foreign editions

• Czech-language edition (pictured at right), retitled Lovecraftova Země, published 2018 by Baronet a.s. Translation by Dana Chodilová.

• German-language hardcover, ebook, and audio editions published 2018 by Carl Hanser Verlag. Translation by Anna Leube.

• German-language trade paperback edition published 2020 by DTV.

• Russian-language hardcover edition (pictured at left), retitled Сtрана Лавкрафtа, published 2018 by Eksmo. Translation by M. Molchanov.

• UK hardcover and ebook editions published 2018 by Picador.

• UK trade paperback edition published 2019 by Picador.

• French-language hardcover edition published 2019 by Presses de la Cité. Translation by Laurent Philibert-Caillat.

• French-language paperback published 2020 by 10/18.

• Spanish-language edition, retitled Territorio Lovecraft, published 2019 by Ediciones Destino. Translation by Javier Calvo.

• Taiwanese edition published 2019 by Cité Publishing Group.

• Hungarian-language edition, retitled Lovecraft földjén, published 2020 by Agave Könyvek. Translation by András Huszár.

• Italian-language edition published 2020 by Edizioni Piemme. Translated by Luca Briasco.

• Polish-language edition (pictured at right), retitled Kraina Lovecrafta, published 2020 by W.A.B. Translation by Marcin Mortka.

• Portuguese-language edition, retitled Território Lovecraft, published in Brazil in 2020 by Editora Intrínseca. Translation by Thaís Paiva.

• Serbian-language edition, retitled Lavkraftova zemlja, published 2020 by Čarobna Knjiga. Translation by Vesna Stojković.

• Greek-language edition, retitled Η χώρα του Λάβκραφτ, published 2021 by Kaktos Publications. Translation by Ourania Toutountzi.

• Korean-language edition published in South Korea in 2021 by EunHaeng NaMu Publishing. Translation by Seulgi So (소슬기).

• Turkish-language edition published 2021 by Eksik Parça Yayinevi, Translation by Serdar Yüce.

• Additional translations forthcoming from China (Beijing Time-Chinese Publishing), Japan (Tokyo Sogen), and Romania (Corint Books).