Bad Monkeys has wit and imagination by the bucketload. Buy it, read it, memorize then destroy it. There are eyes everywhere.”

— Christopher Moore, author of A Dirty Job


“Fast. Wicked. Scarily clever, and equally fun for those who like thrillers and those who don’t.”

— Neal Stephenson, author of Cryptonomicon


“A science-fiction Catcher in the Rye... Ruff has animated Bad Monkeys with the spirit of Philip K. Dick, and he’s borrowed a little seasoning from Jim Thompson and Thomas Pynchon... It moves fast and keeps surprising you. There are also some exciting and hallucinatory action sequences that are so skillfully written I felt as if I was watching the first ‘Matrix’ movie...”

The New York Times Book Review






“A stunning feat of literary craftsmanship.”

San Francisco Chronicle


“Funny, wildly inventive, and emotionally astute... Ruff has created a shockingly likeable suspense story...Riveting in its external well as its interior secrets... Set This House in Order is not so much a whodunit as a whoisit, roaming with cavalier narrative agility among real and imaginary shoals.”

Boston Globe


“In Fool on the Hill and Sewer, Gas & Electric, Ruff was prodigal with his plots, his human extras, his animal delights... Set This House in Order, though equally irresistible, is a bolder book, an odyssey of transformation and trust...”

New York Times Book Review