Sewer, Gas & Electric — publication history

The information below is as accurate and complete as I can make it, but particularly in the case of foreign-language editions it can be difficult to verify such things as exact publication dates. Artworks on this page remain the property of their respective copyright holders; in most cases, this will be the illustrator or photographer who created the image.

SGE first editionAmerican editions

First edition hardcover (pictured at right) published 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Press. Cover illustration by Elaine Cardella; cover design by Rick Pracher.

• Mass market paperback published 1998 by Warner/Aspect. Cover illustration by Elaine Cardella; cover design by Don Puckey.

• Trade paperback published 2004 by Grove Press. Cover illustration (sans World Trade towers) by Elaine Cardella; cover design by Rick Pracher.

• Ebook edition published 2007 by Grove Press.

German SGEForeign editions

• German-language hardcover (pictured at left), retitled G.A.S.: Die Trilogie der Stadtwerke, published 1998 by Carl Hanser Verlag. Translation by Ditte König and Giovanni Bandini. Cover illustration by Gabriel Nemeth.

• German-language trade paperback published 2000 by Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag.

• Polish-language trade paperback, retitled Ścieki, gaz i prąd, published 1999 by Prószyński I S-ka. Translation by Wojciech M. Próchniewicz.

Russian SGE• French-language trade paperback, retitled Un Requin sous la Lune, published 2002 by Éditions du Masque. Translation by Guillaume Fournier.

• Italian-language trade paperback, retitled Acqua, luce e gas, published 2000 by Fannuci Editore. Translation by Vittorio Curtoni. A reissue with new cover art was published in 2004.

• French-language mass market paperback published 2004 by Éditions Gallimard.

• Spanish-language trade paperback, retitled Alcantarillado, gas y electricidad, published 2005 by Ediciones Salamandra. Translation by Susana Beatriz Cella.

• Russian-language hardcover (pictured at right), retitled Канализация, Газ & Электричество, published 2007 by Eksmo Publishers.